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The way from white porcelain to a final product of Reutter

The non-decorated porcelain item - called "blank item" in technical language - is decorated by hand with decals made of high-quality porcelain paint. This is done by detaching the decal from the foil with water and then carefully applying it to the porcelain without entrapped air.

This step requires special craftsmanship and is carried out by us exclusively by hand. Then the decorated blank item will be fired.

The firing, called "decal firing", is done using an energy-saving process with ultraviolet light in our gas stoves.

This gentle process has the advantage that it delivers particularly consistent results. When the decal is fired at over 800° Celsius, the base varnish burns and the decal is covered with the glaze. This process creates high-quality and glossy decals, compared to other processes such as "Dye-sublimation printing". After cooling, our porcelain is checked again for quality. But our refinement process has still not been finished. Some of our products receive their colored borders by hand now.

Then all products (with or without a colored rim) are fired again. This enables a consistently high quality of our decorated porcelain items and reduces the risk of defects. Finally, our items are picked up, checked again and carefully packed.




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